Inclination or “simple stability” test

Here, Osprey had barrels full of water on the starboard side to test what the equivalent weight in people would do to her incline.

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At speed

At speed

Heading to Stonington for sea trials

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Dear All,

As I am sure everyone is aware, Osprey has been launched! We conducted her “simple stability test” in early December at Billings Marine, in Stonington, and she passed with more than two-inches to spare…which actually translates as a lot. In fact, it means we could either increase our passenger numbers by more than ten or easily add a fly-bridge with little concern from the US Coast Guard. More importantly, it shows just how stable our new “sweetheart” actually is.

Her seaworthiness  was further reinforced when Billings conducted “sea trials” to test the Caterpillar engine and its installation. On a snotty, wet day with gusts up to 30kts and 2′ to 4′ seas in protected Merchant Row, she happened to meet a sister Wesmac of the same length, with a slightly larger engine, and the race was on. (Gee, why was there only one other boat out that day, and it happened to be another Wesmac?). We did not win the race but everyone in town new about it and no ones expectations of a Wesmac in rough conditions were disappointed.

Currently Osprey is back in dry storage for detailing, but she will be launched at our convenience sometime this spring…with much fanfare. If there is any interest in visiting her this winter while she is stored in Surry, please contact me and we can try to make arrangements.

Best to All,


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Moving on details

Osprey is progressing and looking good. The crane is getting close to installation after months of intensive structural preparation, and currently wiring is being installed for all the electronics and navigation equipment. Having the wires installed is particularly exciting for me as it means the vast majority of fiberglass work and sanding is done, which is a major step toward completion. It also makes it a lot easier to actually SEE what it all looks like under the dust.

There are still many details to sort out; how to mount the anchor, what tie-down points will we use to secure cargo and where will the hydraulic controls for the crane go? Every time I visit the yard I am asked more specifics such as these, and every time it reveals just how customized this project really is. And once again, I am compelled to call everyone’s attention to just how sweet the details on this boat are.

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August update

This gallery contains 12 photos.

First, my apologies for not updating this blog sooner, but the summer has been ACTIVE! On to updates. MV Opsrey has been coming along nicely with the top-sides added and sealed, windows cut, crane base inching closer to completion, forward cabin compartments … Continue reading

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Ready to Cap

photo courtesy of Wesmac

The deck and cabin came out of the mold well-formed and ready to attach, above. It will soon cap the hull when attached with a four-foot extension, completing the watertight seal between the bulkheads and laying the platform for all the components on deck.

However before the deck and cabin can be attached, everything contained in the hull must be in place. The Caterpillar engine, drivetrain, and the exhaust have all been installed, though not all are connected and ready for use.

Unlike other fiberglass boat designs, the deck and cabin will be connected to the hull with fiberglass, providing a seamless, more durable connection both in- and outside the hull. Other fiberglass designs typically use an adhesive and mechanical fasteners in place of fiberglass and resin, which is requires more time.

Our two 300 gallon fuel tanks are completed and in order, having passed the mandatory Coast Guard inspection. Much like the rest of the boat, the fuel tanks were designed with an eye to stability, and have internal mechanisms that will prevent fuel from sloshing and causing the boat to lurch.

Before the deck and cabin is finally connected, the crew at Wesmac will instal the layout for cabin windows and the decks inside the cabin. We are also waiting for sample rubber mats that will cover the aft portion of the boat instead of the heavier tiles we initially considered. (See mats here.)

Keep posted for when everything comes together.

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A Re-Christening

We chose the name Five Friends in recognition of the original five donors. However the number of people supporting this project has grown substantially, and so we are changing the name to one of our first choices: Osprey.

This name represents the prowess and cutting design of our new boat while honoring the natural surroundings from which we are so fortunate to benefit in coastal Maine. So here’s to the Osprey.  

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